• Dancentre class numbers are limited to give maximum advantage to each student.

      Dancentre provides dance tuition for students aged 3 years and over. Students can attend either on a recreational basis, or aspire to higher goals by building a solid foundation towards a career in dance.

      Every student is an important member of Dancentre and is given the opportunity to accelerate their dance development through:

      • Limited class sizes
      • Honest and fair assessment
      • Participation in community performances, annual concerts, exams, master classes, workshops, private lessons and competitions (all optional)
      • Scholars’ dance classes for serious students
      • Achievement awards and scholarships.

      Dancentre is committed to maintaining a strong presence, both locally, and also within the wider dance community so that students feel they’re part of something worthwhile.

      Students of Dancentre are asked to:

      • Attend dance classes regularly
      • Attend every dance class leading up to an assessment, competition or performance
      • Notify Dancentre regarding absences
      • Abide by the Dancentre Discipline Policy:
        • Behave in a manner appropriate to a group learning environment
        • Show respect toward all teachers and other members of the class
        • Arrive before the commencement time for class
        • Be dressed and ready before entering the class
        • Wear correct uniform
        • Be neatly groomed with shoulder length or longer hair tied back in a ponytail for: Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Combination and Contemporary; or a bun for Classical Ballet
      • Remove jewellery before dance class
      • Leave all non-valuables in the change areas
      • Bring a filled water bottle to dance class.

      Students are not permitted to leave the studio without:

      • A parent or carer
      • Permission of a parent or carer, or
      • The knowledge of a representative of Dancentre.

      Viewing of dance classes is permitted during:

      • A new student’s first class
      • Open Days


      • We are always happy to discuss issues with parents, but ask that parents ring or email the office out of class hours so we can give you our full attention while maintaining the integrity of each dance class
      • Please collect students promptly at the end of class
      • There are no child-minding facilities either at the start or end of class
      • Smoking is not permitted in or around the studios.


      • Must be paid in advance of dance classes
      • Should follow the Fee Structure as set out in the Dancentre brochures
      • A $20 late fee applies to fees received after the 3rd Friday of each term
      • A costume deposit for the end of year concert is due mid-year
      • A signed Enrolment Form and Term Fees are due at the beginning of a new student’s 2nd class

      New Students

      When a new student participates in any Dancentre class following the free trial class; Dancentre will assume that the parents of the student have accepted the Dancentre guidelines, and agree to pay the pro-rata term fee in advance; and that the student will be enrolling for the remainder of the term.

      Enrolment is confirmed upon the return of a signed enrolment form and correct fee payment.

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