Students of Dancentre are expected to:

  • Attend classes regularly, especially leading up to an examination, or performance.
  •      Arrive on time to classes. If arriving late, students risk injury from missing crucial warm-up period.
  • Be dressed appropriately & ready to dance before entering class.
  • Be neatly groomed & dressed in correct uniform as required.
  • Bring a water bottle into class.
  • Turn off mobile phones during classes.
  • Behave in a manner appropriate to a group learning environment.
  • Show respect towards all teachers & other students.


Students are not permitted to leave the studio without:

  • A parent or carer, or permission of a parent or carer, & the knowledge of a Dancentre teacher.


  • Parents are permitted to watch classes only when a student is new to Dancentre classes and only for the first 2 weeks, or for younger students – until the student is settled in class.
  • While watching class, all attendees are asked to turn off mobile phones, refrain from talking, and not allow siblings or others watching to join in class (for safety reasons). Please do not “coach” students while they are in class.
  • Dancentre has Open Weeks at the end of Term’s 1 & 2. Parents, siblings, relatives, and friends are invited to watch classes during this week. If a relative or friend is visiting and wishes to watch a class outside of normal times, please call or text Kath for prior consent.
  • Please make sure that all uniform requirements are adhered to. Students must have required shoes and clothing after enrolment. Hair must be back off the face for safety reasons.
  • If a student has an injury, of any sort, prior to starting class, the teacher must be informed. A teacher cannot be expected to diagnose and treat any injuries that occurred outside of a class situation.
  • Please contact Dancentre regarding student absences.
  • Students should be collected immediately after class finishes. If the person picking up a student is late, students must wait in the studio until they are collected.
  • Students should not be dropped off earlier than 15 minutes before class.
  • No parents are allowed to film within classes without consent from Dancentre.
  • We are always happy to discuss issues with parents but ask that this is done outside of class times.

Respectful behaviour is always expected from students and parents. Any type of bullying will not be tolerated.


We understand at times Dancentre may change or cancel scheduled classes due to class sizes, teacher illness or other factors. If a class is cancelled, you will be reimbursed.


Make up class policy: A student is permitted to do up to 3 make-up classes per term. Options will be given for appropriate classes & make up classes must be booked in. Due to concert preparation in Term 4, make up classes can only be taken after the concert.


  • Fees are the same each term even when term lengths vary.
  • Invoices are emailed through our dance studio software – Class Manager, and a current email address must be provided at time of enrolment.
  • Term fees must be paid within 2 weeks of the start of Term, or a late fee will be applied.
  • Families with fee totals over $400 are permitted an extra 2 weeks to pay fees.
  • Discounts apply to members of the same family and students participating in more than one class at Dancentre.
  • Private lessons must be paid for on the day of the lesson.
  • Term fees are non-refundable but make – up classes are available.


All Dancentre students are encouraged to participate in the full year of classes and in the end of year performance. Students are required to attend a dress rehearsal at the venue which is included in the fee structure. Costumes are required for the performances and are hired from Dancentre. Hiring fees range from $30 – $50 per costume. At times students are also asked to provide their own portions of costumes.


New students are entitled to 1 free trial class. If they participate in classes after the free trial class Dancentre will assume that the student is enrolling for the remainder of the term & the parents agree to pay the remainder of the term fees.

Enrolment is confirmed upon correct fee payment & signed enrolment form.



I give consent to the Dancentre teaching staff to assist students appropriately – physically with their placement of steps, body placement, stretching, technique, helping execute tricks, etc.

I give consent to the Dancentre staff to assist any child who asks for help going to the bathroom.

I accept that in the case of a medical emergency, Dancentre holds the right to call an ambulance or organise emergency medical care for students. I accept that these services will be charged to the parents or carer of the student.

All Dancentre staff have current Working with Children checks and are trained in First Aid.


I acknowledge that all choreography for performances taught at Dancentre remain the property of Dancentre, and may not be used without written permission from Dancentre.


I give permission for photos and video footage of my child to be used, in a reasonable way, for advertising or promotion of the studio.

Please let Kath know if you do not want images or footage of your child to be used in any way.

By signing the enrolment form, you agree to all the above Terms and Conditions for enrolment at Dancentre.

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